Rik Appleby has 30 years in the music industry, both as a musician, playing live gigs, concerts & extensive studio experience; and as a recording engineer and music producer, recording in the studio. Listed below are the various bands and artists he has played and worked with, including recordings that have been released...

As a musician...

The Final Sound (Guitar) 1988-90

The Fury Things (Bass) 1989-91

                             Love Sick EP 12" (1990)

Shiva Affect (Bass)  1993-1995

                              Rest Is Easy 7" (1993)

                              Yahweh 12" LP (1993)

                              Road Movie 10" (1994)


Holly Golightly (Bass/Guitar) 1995-1998

                           The Good Things

                             10" LP (1995)

                               The Main Attraction 10"LP (1996)

                                Laugh it up 12" LP (1996)

      ...Plus a bunch of 7" Singles, click on images

Bash Branigans (Bass) 1997-98

Solar Charge (Bass/Guitar) 2001-02

Catherine Hol (Bass) 2003-04

SUMU (Bass) 2003-06

                              SUMU (2006)


The Italics (Bass) 2008-11

Herby Roll (Bass) 2010-12

Ciara O'Driscoll (Guitar) 2009-12

Lionheart (Multi-Instr/Vocals) 2012-14

Stuart Wilde and the Birdmen (Bass) 2013-15

                            Devil In My house


As an engineer/producer...

'SUMU' by SUMU (2006) Engineer/Co-Production/


'Uh! Eza Nzela Molayi' by Niwel Tsumbu (2007) Engineer

'Wandering Child' by Rachel Regan (2007) Engineer/

'Do  You remember Me' by Catherine Cunningham (2010) Engineer


'Shahology' by Shah Smooth (2010) Engineer/


'Convergence' by Éamonn Cagney (2011) Engineer/


'Caduceus' by Stephen Galvin (2012) Engineer/Musician

'Vela' by Francesca Baines (2012) Engineer/Co-production

'Some Other Plan' by The Good Rain (2013) Engineer

'Devil In My House' by Stuart Wilde (2014)


'Watch The Universe Expand' by The Good Rain (2015)




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