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Rik Appleby has 30 years in the music industry, both as a musician, playing live gigs, concerts & extensive studio experience; and as a recording engineer and music producer, recording in the studio. Listed below are the various bands and artists he has played and worked with, including recordings that have been released...

As a musician...

The Final Sound (Guitar) 1988-90

The Fury Things (Bass) 1989-91

Love Sick EP 12" (1990)

Shiva Affect (Bass)  1993-1995

Rest Is Easy 7" (1993)

Yahweh 12" LP (1993)

Road Movie 10" (1994)


Holly Golightly (Bass/Guitar) 1995-1998

The Good Things  10" LP (1995)


The Main Attraction 10"LP (1996)

Laugh it up 12" LP (1996)

...Plus a bunch of 7" Singles, click on images

As an engineer/producer...

'SUMU' by SUMU (2006)


'Uh! Eza Nzela Molayi' by Niwel Tsumbu (2007)


'Wandering Child' by Rachel Regan (2007)


'Do  You remember Me' by Catherine Cunningham (2010) Engineer

'Shahology' by Shah Smooth (2010)


'Convergence' by Éamonn Cagney (2011) Engineer/Musician

'Caduceus' by Stephen Galvin (2012) Engineer/Musician

'Vela' by Francesca Baines (2012) Engineer/Co-production

'Some Other Plan' by The Good Rain (2013)


Bash Branigans (Bass) 1997-98

Solar Charge (Bass/Guitar) 2001-02

Catherine Hol (Bass) 2003-04

SUMU (Bass) 2003-06

SUMU (2006)

The Italics (Bass) 2008-11

Herby Roll (Bass) 2010-12

Ciara O'Driscoll (Guitar) 2009-12

Stuart Wilde and the Birdmen (Bass) 2013-15

Devil In My house (2014)

Lionheart (Multi-Instr/Vocals/Prod.)

Ice Dub (2014)

Human Dub (2020)


Peaceful Dub (2021)

Ice Dub Label(1).png
HumanDub Label.png
Peaceful Dub Artwork 5 D&B.png

'Devil In My House' by Stuart Wilde (2014)


'Watch The Universe Expand' by The Good Rain (2015)


'HumanKind' by Julia Cross (2020)


HumanKind 7d.png

Full Cycle Project (Multi-Instr/Production)


Digital singles, click on images...

Solstice Artwork 4.jpg
Looking At You 4.png
Departed Sprit Artwork 1400.png

23 Million Stars vol.1 (2021) Digital ep

23 Million Stars Artwork 5.jpg
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