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Graphics, Posters & Record Sleeves

Upon leaving school at the age of 16, I attended the local collage, Havering Tech in Hornchurch, Essex, to study graphic design.

This coincided with the beginning of my journey into music and it would be inevitable that the two would combine, and truth be told, I only really enjoy graphic design when it is applied to elements connected to the musical world—record/CD sleeves, posters etc. plus the design of this website you are currently viewing.

So below are some examples of my design work and if you are interested in commissioning some design work, do not hesitate to contact me.

Fury Things EP (1990)

The Italics - Logo (2010)

Patricio Zeoli - Concert Poster (2018)

The Italics - Gig Poster (2010)

Shiva Affect - 7" Vinyl Sleeve (1995)

Revelation Soundsystem - Speaker Grill Stensil (2013)

Kimia - Logo (2006)

The Italics - Gig Poster (2010)

Barefoot Boogie - Concert Poster (2010)

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