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First Release of 2020!


We are happy to announce that the first release on Lionheart Recordings in 2020 will be the single 'HumanKind' by Julia Cross. Release on all streaming platforms will be on Monday 13th April.

HumanKind will be available on Bandcamp along with the dub version, HumanDub that will be available exclusively only on Bandcamp. Click on the link to listen and if you would like to support the artist and producer then please choose to download the track for a reasonable donation.

And if video is your thing then check out this video that Denis O'Sullivan from Blood Moon created.

"A Roots Reggae song to help us remember our essence - the essence of humankind. The song is about empowerment. Making choices from the heart, knowing that what we put out there has a big impact on all, our thoughts, feelings, actions. To know our power of self-healing, the healing of others and the earth, being there for each other with intention & Love. We as humankind are about to heal our genetic and karmic/soul imprint, our DNA, if we set our intention and attention to it - with love, remembering who we are." Enjoy, be safe, well and happy! ❤️💛💚

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