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Portfolio Uploads #2: Tarot: The Fool by Inge & Dona - A Tribute to Liz Boyland.

It's with a heavy heart to write that my friend Liz Boyland, known to many here in West Cork as American Liz, passed away suddenly on May 20th 2019.

Liz was, among many things, an intuitive tarot card reader. I can't actually remember when I first met Liz, but our friendship certainly cemented around the time she commissioned me in 2006 to record some music that she could then use for a film treatment that would be used as a preview of a longer film project she had planned that would be based around the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. A mutual friend, super talented musician Inge Blieb, was due to be visiting Ireland for the annual fiddle festival in Baltimore, Co. Cork and was going to be staying at Liz's house where she lived for many years on the Old Head of Kinsale. Inge was traveling with guitarist Dona Bastin and we arranged to record the two musicians at Liz's house one evening, in the old living room in front of the fire.

Three pieces of music were recorded that evening and Liz asked for them to be edited together, along with the sound of a heart beating and a prerecorded didgeridoo piece. I haven't seen the film treatment that it was made for. I'm hoping Liz's children will find it on a computer or hard drive. The resulting musical piece is a magical journey that captures a special atmosphere that I've often felt while playing music in various living rooms in old cottages in West Cork.

Through my friendship with Liz I have had other amazing musical meetings and partniships flourish, notably her son Leo, who raps, writes and produces music currently under the name Toxsik Prophet and Asch Anderson who sings, writes and produces music under the name Dizziray, both of whom I have worked with in the studio at Lionheart Productions. Liz was a wonderful person, a kind hearted woman who had a deep intuition and was never afraid to speak her mind. A bit of a hippy yet most definitely Punk As Fuck! She went too soon and will be missed by many.

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