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Some Good Rain comes to Lionheart Productions

So in the wettest month of June, a delightful day was had when Kinsale based band The Good Rain came to record a new song, 'Blood Red Dress'. I have already worked extensively with the band in the studio, including the recording of their soon to be completed debut album (currently in the final mixing stages at Sonas Recording in Killarney by Tony O’Flaherty) and when i needed a band to record for a college assignment (for Berklee Music College course in Microphone Technique) they were the perfect choice. 

 As a trade for their help i agreed to complete work on the song for a video that was to be shot in and around the studio on the day by Maurice Supple of Blue Shed Productions. A very pleasant day was had, I'm in the mixing stage now and looking forward to seeing the film and sharing what's shaping up to be a great recording.

The Good Rain:

Blue Shed Productions:

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