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Summer and Autumn 2012

Hello everyone. So here's what's been happening in the studio this summer and autumn. 

Back in June, as mentioned in a previous blog entry below, The Good Rain came into the studio to record a new track, whilst being filmed in the process. A rough edit has been made by Maurice Supple from Blue Shed Productions and i am very impressed with the initial out come! The track, 'Blood Red Dres has been mixed and is in the final mastering stage and the band have decided to include it on their up and coming album. The finishing touches will be made to the video and be posted up on YouTube in the next coming weeks, looking forward to sharing it with you.

Francesca Baines returned to the studio in August. As a contrast to the richly layered production of her album, i wanted to capture her in a performance, particually songs that she plays with her Ibanez Les Paul because of the lovely tone she has and her unique playing style for an electric guitar. I asked friends Catherine Hol and Daniel O'Mainin, If they would like to film the session. They are about to launch a new websit called Artists Own Music, a site who's aim is to support and promote independently produced music, particularly with the medium of film and video.

    Daniel came to the session with cameras and lights to film the session. A camera and some of her time was also given by photographer Kait Husmann and the film was then superbly edited by Catherine. The result so far is a beautiful video for the song 'Rivers' that is now uploaded on YouTube, Check it out here now...

Another song, 'Shadow and Light', yet to be edited from the session, is to come later...

This autumn has seen local Bantry funk band Coco Mojo come into the studio to record five songs that they will be using to promote themselves on the internet and we are in the final stages of mixing. Watch this space....

And finally, rapper/singer Kate McGrew has started to work on new tracks for a new project to be (provisionally) called Miss Ohio. Incorporating Dancehall, Reggae and Hip-hop, after the first session yesterday, I'm really looking forward to the further unfolding of the project.  

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