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Lionheart Productions has been working with many musical artists and bands, covering a wide range of styles including acoustic Folk, Hip-Hop & Rap, Electronic Dance, Reggae, Rock, Guided Meditation and African Fusion.


As well as studio recordings, I have also undertaken live concert recordings and film sountrack work.

Kevin Walsh

Embrace the world by Kevin Walsh, featuring a whole host of guest singers is released today. It is a charity single raising awareness and funds for Ireland’s leading autism charity.

Lionheart Productions are proud to have been involved the post-production and mixing of the track.

Available from Spotify, iTunes

Julia Cross

Julia's new single released in 2021 was recorded and mixed at Lionheart Productions and was co-produced by Julia and Rik Appleby.

Available from Spotify, iTunes,


The Good Rain

The lead single from the album "Some Other Plan" was recorded and mixed at Lionheart Productions.

The bulk of the album was recorded at the Kinsale College of Further Educations amphitheatre and St Multose Church in Kinsale by Lionheart Productions and was mixed by Tony O'Flaherty at Sonas in Killarney.

Available from iTunes

Niwel Tsumbu

From the debut album 'Uh! Eza Nzela Molayi' by Congolese maestro Niwel Tsumbu and master percussionist Eamonn Cagney from Donegal,

Recorded and mixed at Lionheart in 2006. Mastered by Ruaíri Flaherty.

Uh! Eza Nzela Molayi is available on CD, download and streaming from all of the usual outlets.

Transference Healing

Recorded in 2007 at Lionheart Productions, Prayer of The New Millennium is a meditation piece that was channelled by Alexis Cartwright in 2000 and is woven into music and recorded sounds of whale and bird song as well as the sound of sea and waves.

It features the voice of Aïda Bredou, Transference Healing practitioner and singer/songwriter with the band Metisse. It also features harp by Mairead Doherty and low whistle by Oísín McNally.

The prayer is available from the Transference Healing website:…tal-download/

Éamonn Cagney

After working on Niwel and Éamonn' duo album 'Uh! Eza Nzela Molayi', Éamonn asked me to record some of the tracks that would be included on his debut album.

The album was mixed by Tony O'Flaherty at Sonas Studio, Killarney, Ireland.

The album ~Convergance is available from iTunes

Inge & Dona

I was Comissioned by Liz Boyland in 2006 to record a piece of music that was to be used as a soundtrack for a film treatment that would be used as a preview of a longer film project she had planned.

Featuring the musical talents of Inge Blieb (mandolin & violin) and Dona Bastin (guitar) this was recorded on location at Liz's house on the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. It was then mixed and edited at Lionheart Productions.

Rajinder Singh

This ia an excerpt from Raj's guided meditation CD "Gratitude". A Sacred space was created in the studio and the meditation guidance recorded. Then some minimal overdubs and pre-recorded sound affects where added and then edited, mixed and mastered.


Rajinder Singh is the director of the Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies. The vision of Rajinder, it was opened on 21st December 2012 to share Shamanic Wisdom & Healing practices in the community of Cork.



Francesca Baines

From the 2012 released album 'Vela'. Recorded and mixed at Lionheart Productions. Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge.


Featuring Jeremy Bains on Percussion, Bertrand Galen on Cello, Dylan Gully on Clarinet and Erik Gullikson on piano.

The album 'Vela' is available from Bandcamp

Kenny Dread

Kenny is a singer, songwriter and producer from America, resident in West Cork, Ireland. Valentine is a song taken from Kenny's 2017 album 'We Will Be Lovers. The Lionheart Remix was programed and mixed at Lionheart Productions.

The remix is available from Spotify

Lady Grew

From the 'Put Tha Pink Up' EP from Cork's Lady Grew. Vocal arrangements and production by Lady grew and Rik Appleby at Lionheart Productions.


Catherine Cunningham

Catherine is a singer/songwriter from West Limerick and currently based in West Cork. Do You Remember Me? is from a 6 song CD/Book, with 14 gorgeous images by artist Spark Deeley, that was recorded, mixed and mastered at Lionheart Productions.

The EP is available from her Bandcamp Page

Stephen Galvin

From the album Caduceus that was recorded and mixed at Lionheart Productions over the period of two years, and released on CD in 2012.


Available from Stephens website or as a digital download at iTunes.


Where the Lionheart Productions story began. I was playing bass in SUMU, a Cork City based African fusion band centered around the creative vision of Niwel Tsumbu who was newly arrived in Cork, Ireland.

We decided to invest in recording equipment and set up a studio in my apartment. The resulting recordings where mixed at local studio by myself and Niwel then the mastered by Robyn Robins at Mid Atlantic Digital.

Megan Davis

'Dance of the Gestation' was recorded on location at Martins house in Bantry, post production and mixed at Lionheart Productions, West Cork, Éire.

Unreleased Demo.

Megan Davies - Voice & Poetry
Martin Law - Piano
Dan Thornhill - Double Bass
Rik Appleby - Production & Programing

Joe Mamas (Demo)

One of two songs from a demo recorded by the band in 2012.


Vocals recorded and track mixed and mastered at Lionheart Productions.

Ciara O'Driscol (Demo)

"A Little Soul" by Ciara O'Driscoll, recorded, mixed & mastered at Lionheart Productions in 2008.

Check out Ciara's Facebook page.

Denis O'Sullivan

Denis O'Sullivan is a singer, songwriter and film maker based in Cork City.

"In 2005 Cork was European Capital Of Culture & The Voices of Cork choir was set up as part of the proceedings. There were 32 singers in the choir & believe it or not, after almost 20 years of playing guitar in bands up to that point I had never sang a note in public.


"Being in the choir helped me to overcome my fear of singing in public & also inspired me to write my own songs, my first fully finished one being "Once". I recorded this version with Rik Appleby of Lionheart Productions. It was my first time recording a song with vocals so it holds a very special place in my heart." - Denis O'Sullivan

Denis's website:

 Framework Films

A soundtrack for a community film, called Together Again made by Framework Films in Cork, Ireland was composed and performed by Niwel Tsumbu, recorded, mixed and mastered at Lionheart Productions.

Produced in collaboration with Nasc - The Irish Immigrant Support Centre in Cork City, the short documentary aims to inform people about the difficulties faced by families going through the process of family reunification in Ireland and to make recommendations for change.


Website: Framework Films

Kimia (Demo)

During the time that the band Sumu was active, there was also a stripped down trio version called Jazmu.

Featuring Niwel Tsumbu and the basic Rhythm section of Fergal Lee on Drums and Rik Appleby on Bass, they explored a more improvised interpritation of the rhthms and melodies of the material played in the more structured Sumu.
Eventually Jazmu morphed briefly into a project called Kimia, also featuring Tonynho Dos Santos on Trumpet.


'Wake Up' is from a 4-song demo that was recorded in 2008, recorded, mixed and mastered at Lionheart Productions.

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