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Drum session with Stuart Wilde

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

So after moving the studio to its new location in West Cork, near to the village of Kealkil at the start of 2012 and re-setting up, re-jigging etc. I decided to take a spring semester online course at the prestigious Berklee Music College in Boston, studying microphone technique in the recording studio. Although I've had 6 years of self study and experience in this field (plus 20 years as a recording musician), there's always more to learn as well as the getting out of old habits and i wanted to try one of Berklee's online courses to see if the online study method suited me and if so, then to continue studying with them later in the year towards obtaining one of the college's certificates in Music Production. Its been going really well, a great chance to delve deeper into the art of capturing the sounds created by a musician's playing real instruments in a real room as apposed to the ever expanding virtual instruments available to the modern day hi-tech studio.

I've been lucky to be helped out in the practical recording assignments by some of the many talented musicians i have had the pleasure to know, play with and record over the last 14 years that i have been living in Ireland, including Ciara O'Driscoll, Fiona Ashley, Caz Jefferys, Stephen Galvin and Seamus Collard. Last month (June 2012) I had the multi-talented Stuart Wilde, a producer and engineer himself as well as a superb singer/songwriter, helping me with a drum kit recording assignment that we doubled up with a chance for him to demo some drum idea's on a new song he is recording for his next album. Here's a few photo's from Stuarts iPhone of the Kit set up with the array of mic's in the new live room, plus a short clip of Stuart funking it up for the assignment piece that we recorded. 

Stuart's BandCamp page:

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